Looking for 100% Ethical Ceremonial Cacao filled with aloha?!

This sacred medicine made from pure Hawai'i grown cacao beans from the Theobroma Cacao tree.  We use varieties known throughout the world to help with energy, focus and well-being.

This has no added ingredients of any kind and will aid you in your cacao ceremonies and life's journey by nourishing you deeply and profoundly.

It has so many vitamins and minerals and mood lifting chemicals that we cannot name them all. Here are some:
More magnesium, theobromine and anti-oxidants than any other food,
more iron than beef,
Anti-inflammatory effects...

The taste is bitter and beautiful at the same time, allowing your heart to open and your mind to calm.

Grown in Hawai'i it has the spirit of aloha imbued into it.  It is totally ethically made and processed entirely on the Big Island of Hawai'i on Hilo Shark's Farm in Hilo at about 400 feet above sea level.

Elevate your rituals and your daily life with this pure cacao paste.  Ask us for special vegan ~ paleo ~ ketogenic ~ gluten-free ~ soy-free ~ additive-free recipes!

Ceremonial Cacao Paste, Hawai'i Grown

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  • Grown at 1000 feet above sea level in Hilo, Hawai'i.
    Processed 100% ethically at MahiLani Farms

Based and grown with aloha in Hawai'i 


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