A delicious and adaptogenic blend of Ling Zhi/Ganoderma Lucidum a.k.a. "The Mushroom of Immortality" and Hawaiian Cacao Powder.  Drink everyday.  Perfect for cacao ceremonies and bringing yoursellf into balance.  It is a great fit for natural health enthusiasts and those looking to replace coffee.  

There is a nice sprinkling of cinnamon and the package makes 50 cups.  There is so much wholesomeness in every cup that you will understand why the ingredient earned the name mentioned above and the cacao is known as "The Food of the Gods."  And incredible drink or powder mix you could use for baking healthy treats!  

Totally unsweetened, this product is known to have no known side-effects of any kind!

Reishi Mushroom Hawaiian Cacao Mix

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  • Used for 2,000 years by different cultures all over the world.

Based and grown with aloha in Hawai'i 


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